United States

Overview of US web resources on the Cold War

Easy Archive Tip: Robert Griffith, Un-Tangling the Web of Cold War Studies; or, how one historian stopped worrying and learned to love the internet  (PDF) 

This article first appeared in the Journal of Multimedia History, Vol 3 - 2000.

Carter Library

Website: http://www.jimmycarterlibrary.gov/

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Cold War International History Virtual Archive Project

Website: www.cwihp.org

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Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

Website: www.eisenhower.utexas.edu/

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Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

Website: www.fordlibrarymuseum.gov

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Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

Website: http://www.trumanlibrary.org/library.htm

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Hoover Institution Library and Archives

Website: http://www-hoover.stanford.edu/hila

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International Neuropsychopharmacology Archives

Website: http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/sc_diglib/coll_detail.html?collID=15&arch=1

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John F. Kennedy Library

Website: www.jfklibrary.org/

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Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library

Website: www.lbjlib.utexas.edu/

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Further information from the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library:

Digital Cameras Policy

Foreign Policy Searches

Interlibrary Loan Procedures

Mandatory Review Handout

Reading Room Procedures

Information for Researchers

National Archives and Records Administration/ National Archives II

Website: www.archives.gov/index.html

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Nixon Presidential Library

Website: http://nixon.archives.gov/index.php

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Virginia Historical Society

Website: www.vahistorical.org

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